Welcome to Breathe Deep Dental

August 9, 2023

5 Minutes


Dr. Sophie Diepenheim

Dr. Diepenheim is passionate about providing her patients with high-quality dentistry that has a positive impact on their lives and overall well being. She is continually learning, attending advanced training courses to further her education and bring the best care possible to her practice, Breathe Deep Dental.


Practice Philosophy: Prevention

Dr. Diepenheim approaches preventative dentistry by helping the patient establish a sustainable homeostasis and giving them the tools and skills to maintain it. She believes the best way to achieve this is to take an oral physician's approach, which first involves finding the root cause of the problem. Then the problem may be addressed as necessary, so that the patient is set up for long term maintenance, comfort, and health.


The Importance of Patient Education

Dr. Diepenheim loves to share the “why” behind treatment plans and patient care. She encourages questions and helps all her patients make informed choices about their own health. She believes that any patient should have the knowledge and tools to take care of their own body, so they can live a long and healthy life.


A Comprehensive Approach to Care

Her wide range of evidence-based dentistry allows her to offer a very comprehensive approach when setting her patients up for long term health. Contrary to how insurance separates the mouth from the rest of the body, the oral cavity is a key element to a person's overall health. Research has linked mouth health with heart health, digestive health, mental health, Alzheimer's, the ability to properly breathe and sleep, among others. Having a healthy mouth structurally, functionally, bacteriologically, and esthetically is essential to overall and long term health.